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Solutions for the Networked Health Care System of the Future

Icon e-HealthThe networking of devices and patients is growing ever more common in the digital health care system (e-health) field. Other, entirely new possibilities accrue from connections between previously incompatible systems and networks between the individual health care actors (e.g. via the new electronic health insurance card).

The potential is enormous: Increasingly, the secure exchange of patient-related information and the use of telemedicine applications is becoming a pivotal aspect of competitiveness and cost efficiency for hospitals, clinics, physicians and rehab centers.

The basic condition for such networking is the unambiguous identification of patients and devices at a maximum level of security.

With our health care know-how, exceet Secure Solutions supports you in:

  1. implementing solutions for constant patient monitoring to prevent or reduce doctor’s visits,
  2. networking devices and patients in hospitals and clinics, and by
  3. optimizing processes by secure data exchanges in the health telematics field.


e-Health Solutions for the Health Market:

Icon m-Health


Telemedical solutions for 24/7 patient monitoring to reduce number of doctor’s visits.

  • Homecare solutions
  • Teletherapy
  • Measurements of vital signs
  • Patient monitoring
  • Patient lokalization

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Icon o-Health


Networking of patients, devices and processes within medical institutions.

  • Automation
  • Real-time monitoring & alarming
  • Needs-oriented adjustment of devices

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Icon t-Health


Secure networking of all actors within the health care system to enhance treatment quality.

  • Applications for the electronic health insurance card
  • Electronic patient record
  • Electronic physician’s ID
  • Electronic physician’s referral letter

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  • Supplier to a variety of German health insurers as well as their service providers, hospitals and university clinics
  • Development of PKI for creating the core telematics infrastructure for the introduction of the electronic health card
  • IT security specialist
  • Manufacturer of sensor technology and medical devices