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Homecare Solutions for Enhanced Life Quality

As a result of demographic change and advancements in medical science, there will be plenty of future challenges in treating older, chronically ill and moribund patients. By overcoming the physical distance from the attending physician, mobile health solutions (telemedicine) will make it possible to treat such patients in their own private environment.

With the aid of telemedicine, a wide range of medical data such as pulse, EEG, ECG, temperature and weight can be recorded. In combination with the patient’s ID, this ensures comprehensive patient monitoring. Likewise, data on medication, therapeutic activities (teletherapy) as well as locational and movement data can be transmitted to the relevant physician, rehab center or family members, e.g. for dementia patients. 

Early recognition of deviations in vital signs or incorrect medication reduces the need for stationary hospitalization, enhances the life quality of the affected patients, and counters rising treatment costs.

Objectives mHealth


  • Improved treatment quality thanks to comprehensive patient data
  • Automated monitoring
  • Cushioning of interruptions in outpatient treatment
  • Avoidance/abbreviation of hospitalization
  • Reduction in treatment costs

Benefits mHealth

Benefits of mHealth

  • Homecare:
    Reduction in number of doctor visits thanks to continual observation of the patient
  • Prevention:
    Avoidance of inpatient treatment
  • Cost Reduction:
    Early diagnosis for chronically ill patients

exceet Secure Solutions has extensive sector know-how in the field of health telematics and in networking and manufacturing of electronic and medical devices. We would be pleased to be able to support you in realizing your e-health solution.


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  • Telemonitoring of vital signs, medication, activities, etc. (patient monitoring)
  • Teletherapy
  • Patient tracking