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e-Health Solutions in Medical Institutions

It is self-evident that in hospitals, clinics, geriatric institutions and nursing homes, continual patient monitoring is crucial to high treatment quality. Networking medical devices within organizations and institutions offers a sustainable means for optimizing treatment.

Where life-sustaining or medical monitoring devices are in use, emergency alarms often sound only at the device itself rather than being transmitted to mobile devices used by the hospital staff. In prophylactic treatment e.g. of patients prone to falling, staff also needs to regularly and personally check the patient’s room.

By networking the respective devices and using wearables equipped with sensors e.g. for location or fall monitoring, real-time alarms can be transmitted to mobile devices used by staff. Unambiguous identification and networking of devices, patients and staff connected to the hospital management system thus promises improved, more timely medical care, reduces the risk of secondary damage to health, and helps make processes more efficient.

Objectives oHealth


  • Distribution of all monitoring data to relevant staff
  • Efficient risk management
  • Improved treatment quality
  • Enhanced planning security
  • Asset management regarding location and use of devices and equipment

    Benefits oHealth


    • Automation:
      Rapid maintenance and repair of devices, needs-oriented modification
    • Cost Reduction:
      Reduced staff workloads, quicker transfer from intensive care to regular wards, structured treatment procedures, quicker identification of misplaced or un-/underused devices
    • Optimized Treatment Quality
      Real-time patient monitoring and alarming, networking with diagnostics

      exceet Secure Solutions has extensive sector know-how in the field of health telematics and in manufacturing and networking electronics and medical devices. We would be pleased to be able to support you in realizing your e-health solution!


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      • Real-time patient monitoring
      • Automated documentation
      • Asset management of devices
      • Optimization of OP capacities
      • Personalization of equipment