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Secure Exchange of Patient Data for Integrated Care

Along with the increased digitalization of healthcare, we are witnessing a growth in methods for optimizing administrative processes and treatment procedures.

The electronic patient record (e-patient record), the electronic doctor’s referral letter (e-referral) and the electronic prescription (e-prescription) are well-established use cases in the growing field of digital data administration.

A major goal of the future health care system is to enable high-security interdisciplinary exchanges of patient-related data for improved integrated care. Fundamental prerequisites for such data exchanges are unambiguous identification and secure networking of devices and patients as well as internal processes and systems. This permits collaboration between physicians and non-medical professionals and provides methods for seamless monitoring of vital signs, opening up opportunities to significantly enhance treatment quality in close cooperation with the patient. 

exceet Secure Solutions has already realized a large number of successful e-health projects in the past and acts as service provider to a variety of German health insurers as well as their suppliers, hospitals and university clinics, and we are heavily involved in building the core telematics infrastructure required for the online rollout of the new German health insurance card, the eGK.

We would be most pleased to support you in realizing your e-health projects:

  • Networking of medical devices
  • Integration of network solutions into hospital information systems
  • Supply of secure systems and applications for health telematics
  • Legally secure documentation of patient records
  • IT security consulting on the introduction of the new electronic health insurancecard
  • Use of the electronic health professional card for signature creation

Objectives tHealth


  • Efficient patient treatment procedures
  • Enhanced treatment quality
  • Optimized processes
  • Interdisciplinary exchange of medical data between all actors of the health care system

    Benefits tHealth


    • Increased Efficiency and Quality:
      Quicker, more comprehensive access to uniform-quality data, avoidance of unnecessary repeat examinations
    • Process Optimization:
      Avoidance of waiting times, shorter hospital stays
    • Reduced Administrative Effort:
      Avoidance of duplicate registrations
    • Improved Quality:
      Avoidance of mistakes and input errors

      Your Experienced Partner for the Electronic Health Insurance Card and Telematics Projects