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The IoT Solution for Contact-Free Patient Monitoring

Continuous measurement and monitoring of vital data is an important factor in simplifying and accelerating medical processes for patient care, diagnostics and therapy.

With TouchlessVita, these data are gathered in a securely and particularly convenient way. An innovative sensor obtains important vital data through a single device containing state-of-the-art MEMS technology and smart software algorithms – non-obtrusive, without direct contact with the patient.



TouchlessVita is a comprehensive solution for accurate vital data collection and analysis. From using
sensors via connectivity and processing up to dashboard visualization, exceet supports in its technical
realization, cross-sector implementation as well as integration into existing system architectures with special focus on the security of networking solutions.

Secure Networking Care for Professional and Home Care
High Hygiene Standard
No direct contact
between sensor and patient.
Wireless Comfort 
Completely wireless. Every
connection technology is possible.
Easy Integration 
Flexibly scalable and integrable
into existing solutions.
Not Perceptible
Sensor detects pressure
variations through furniture items.
Maximum Efficiency
Low current consumption and
thus long battery life.
Individual Integration
Creation and expansion of
digital business models.