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Electronic Timestamps Compliant with eIDAS

exceet Timestamp Authority (eTSA) – Your Qualified Timestamp Service

exceet Timestamp Authority (eTSA)Our qualified timestamp service exceet Timestamp Authority (eTSA) offers you an easy and secure means for safeguarding your paper-based business processes, in full compliance with special legal and technical requirements. Any forgery or manipulation of electronic files and documents can reliably be detected.

How does it work? Qualified electronic timestamps provide legally binding proof that specific data was available at a specific point in time. Such evidence of content and moment of registration of electronic files and documents is business-critical in many spheres of application, e.g. as proof of conclusion of time-critical transactions, to implement inbox and outbox stamp solutions, or for re-signing of personal electronic signatures.

As a qualified eIDAS-compliant trust service, our timestamp service offers you:

Icon: Generation of Qualified Timestamps
Generation of Qualified Timestamps
  • Mass generation of qualified timestamps
  • Timestamp issued as described in RFC 3161
  • Availability as a separate file for further processing
    (e.g. archiving)
  • Direct integration into PDF and PDF/A documents for signature (1.7, A-1)
Icon: Retrieval of Qualified Timestamps
Retrieval of Qualified Timestamps
  • Mass retrieval of qualified timestamps
    (automated or manual)
  • Availability as a separate file for further processing
    (e.g. archiving)
  • Free format selection of files for which timestamps are retrieved
  • Easy connectivity via standard interface RFC 3161
Icon: Verification of Qualified Timestamps
Verification of Qualified Timestamps
  • Mass verification of qualified timestamps
    (automated or manual)
  • Online verification of the validity of the timestamp certificate (OCSP)
  • Allocation of file, signature and verification report on file name
  • Multilingual verification report in German, English, French as well as Danish, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Swedish
  • Verification reports issued in PDF, HTML, or XML formats
Icon: Provision of a Secure High-availability Infrastructure
Provision of a Secure High-availability Infrastructure
  • Operation of a data center certified under PCI-DSS and ISO 9001
    (trust center)
  • Fulfillment of technical standards under ETSI EN 319 422
  • Authentication and encryption at protocol level
  • High-availability cloud services (99.95 %)

Test now: Electronic Timestamps

Our free trial gives you access to electronic test timestamp of Germany’s first eIDAS-qualified timestamping service provider.

How it works?
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eIDAS – Legally Compliant & Standardized throughout Europe

Timestamps provided by eTSA offer maximum, legally recognized protection for all electronic data. On July 1, 2016 exceet Secure Solutions was certified by the Federal Network Agency as first German qualified trust service provider in accordance with the new European eIDAS Regulation. For 15 years, exceet Secure Solutions thus has ensured uninterrupted operation of a certified timestamp service of which qualified timestamps can be used transnationally and across industries for secure, reliable electronic transactions, identification and evidence.

Here you will find further information on the current eIDAS Regulation.

eIDAS-compliant electronic timestamps


exceet Secure Solutions GmbH

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  • Legally secure documentation of electronic files, documents and processes
  • Legally secure long-term archiving
    (e.g. re-signing of archived material)
  • Long-term evidential value thanks to legally compliant timestamps valid throughout Europe
  • Fulfillment of all relevant legal and compliance requirements