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Hardware Security Modules

exceet Secure Solutions - Your Independent HSM Expert

As an expert for IT security solutions, we provide you, in addition to HSM products, the whole spectrum of HSM services, including custom software development. Independent of HSM manufacturers, we act as a single source for every professional service. Thus exceet Secure Solutions is the only provider in the German-speaking region.

Our HSM services at a glance:

Icon Needs and Requirements Analysis Hardware Security Module (HSM) © exceet Secure Solutions AG
Needs & Requirements Analysis
  • Support in defining the requirements
  • Selection of a suitable HSM provider
  • Selection of suitable HSM products
  • Selection of suitable support services
  • Design of your HSM infrastructure
  • Integration into operational processes
Icon Consulting Hardware Security Module (HSM) © exceet Secure Solutions AG
  • Installation & configuration of HSMs
  • Planning & development of complex HSM infrastructures
  • Integration of HSMs into your IT environment
  • Integration of third-party software (PKCS #11, JCE, CNG, ...)
  • Definition of business processes
    (e. g. for initialization, backup, administration and key management)
Icon Support Hardware Security Module (HSM) © exceet Secure Solutions AG
  • German- and English-speaking
  • Support in case of technical difficulties
  • Handling of replacements & reparations
  • Inventory management: If requested, we will inform you on
    updates and the status of your support contracts
Icon Training Hardware Security Module (HSM) © exceet Secure Solutions AG
  • Comprehensive basic training: Cryptography
  • Thales: Expert training - Logging, monitoring, trouble shooting
  • Thales: Official nCSE training & certification
Icon Software Hardware Security Module (HSM) © exceet Secure Solutions AG
Custom Software Development
  • Software for the execution within an especially secured environment on HSMs
    • Thales: Applications for SEE (Secure Execution Environment) or Codesafe
    • Utimaco: Applications as firmware modules
  • Software for the execution on clients with outsourcing cryptographic processes to HSMs
General Purpose HSMs
Specific HSMs
Accessories Thales
Accessories Utimaco
Hardware-Based Protection of Sensitive Data Using HSMs

Conventional IT systems are vulnerable in many ways, as shown by the NSA scandal and numerous hacker attacks. Even major international corporations and governments are finding it hard to protect themselves adequately. A remedy may be the use of encryption technology or encryption generally. In this case, it is necessary to protect the encryption keys instead of the data themselves. A solution is to outsource cryptographic processes to especially secure peripheral devices, such as hardware security modules (HSMs). An HSM excecutes, inter alia, the secure generation and storage of keys as well as the encryption and decryption of any amount of data. The keys themselves do not leave the secure environment of the hardware security module.

This major boost in security for HSMs is achieved via, for instance, truly random number generation, screening of electromagnetic radiation, pseudo-calculations, physical access protection, various sensors and minimized software.

Read more: http://www.hardware-security-module.com

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HSM Partners

Thales HSMs
For over 40 years, Thales e-Security has provided security products. Due to our long-standing experience in e-health, exceet's focus in deploying Thales HSMs lies mostly in this field. 

Utimaco HSM
As its company HQ in Aachen, Utimaco's Hardware Security Modules unit manufactures maximum-quality products for protection of highly sensitive data. Utimaco offers BSI-compliant end-to-end solutions and HSM technology "made in Germany".