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Secure Solutions

Find Security in Knowing You Have the Right Solution

In today’s world of digital information exchanges, IT security & information security are indispensable. In many fields, e.g. in healthcare (e-health & eGK) or for industrial M2M solutions, a comprehensive security concept is one of the most important requirements of all.

Our many years of IT security experience allow  us to develop individual, tailor-made IT security solutions for any sector and any requirement.

Our Services:

    • Preparation of needs-oriented requirements analyses
    • Conceptualization of new solutions as well as implementation within systems and processes
    • From realization to productive rollout
    • Training of client staff by our IT security consultants

    Our Solutions:

    • Development and integration of a public key infrastructure (PKI)
    • Security solutions for e-health and telematics for healthcare
    • Near field communication (NFC)
    • Deployment of hardware security modules (HSMs)
      Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
      e-Health Security Solutions
      Quality Management for the Electronic Health Card (eGK)
      Mobile Security & Near Field Communication (NFC)