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M2M in Health Care

Solutions for the Networked Health Care System of the Future

Digital health care (e-health) is one of many fields in which the networking of devices, patients and other actors is growing ever more common. From the trend towards self-monitoring of personal performance using wearables such as fitness bracelets to telemedicine-based homecare solutions, e-health solutions are providing effective therapeutic approaches. 

Particularly those patients who suffer from a chronic illness can drastically reduce the number of doctor appointments by way of comprehensive patient monitoring using wearable devices or implants. Early recognition of deviations in vital signs or incorrect treatment also reduces the need for stationary care. Further, the possibilities inherent in patient monitoring and patient tracking via real-time monitoring increase the life quality of dementia patients.

MedTech & Diagnostics
For diagnostics providers and manufacturers of medical devices, a crucial aspect of M2M solutions is their ability to gather user data. Such data offers valuable information on how their devices are used at end-customer level. For example, an M2M system may provide data on the duration of use and on functions and materials used and thus offer impulses for new business models. At the same time, they enable rapid transmission of detailed error messages.

Know-how for M2M Solutions in Health Care
Comprehensive industry know-how is crucial when implementing M2M solutions in the health care field.

exceet Secure Solutions is currently in the process of developing the public key infrastructure for creating the core telematics infrastructure for the introduction of the new electronic health insurance card (eGK) in Germany. We are thus heavily involved in networking all participants in the future German health care system, and as supplier to a variety of Germany’s health insurers as well as their service providers, hospitals and university clinics, we are highly familiar with their wishes and requirements.

In combination with our competencies as a sensor technology specialist and manufacturer of medical devices, exceet Group has the know-how needed to support you in realizing your e-health solutions.

Icon MiniaturizationDevelopment of miniaturized electronics for enhanced life quality

Icon DevelopmentManufacturing of medical devices

Icon Electronic Health Insurance Card (eGK)Production and personalization of the electronic health insurance card

Icon eGK IntegrationConsulting and support towards the introduction of the electronic health insurance card
Icon M2M GatewayProduction and customization of the M2M gateway

Icon M2M & IoT PlatformVendor-independent IoT/M2M platform

Icon ConnectivityVendor-independent IoT/M2M platform

Icon End-to-End SecurityEnd-to-end security thanks to a customized public key infrastructure
Icon KISIntegration of the M2M solution into processes e.g. in medical practices, hospitals and clinics
Icon Access & Authorization ManagementAccess and authorization management


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  • Homecare solutions using telemonitoring
  • Mobile health
  • Electronic patient record
  • Electronic health professional card
  • Electronic physician’s referral letter
  • Body area network concepts via telemedicine
  • Process optimization in clinics


exceet M2M Gateway Our exceet M2M Gateway can be customized to client needs and supports a wide range of standards.

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