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M2M in Industry

The Opportunity for Innovative Companys

Due to today’s networking of machines with one another or with a central control center, the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), offering lot sizes down to 1, has already become a reality. While the fully self-organizing “smart factory” may be some ways off, M2M solutions can already be used for very rapid automation of existing processes, and to cut costs and boost efficiency. They also help prevent down-time by way of spare parts management and remote services.

However, for many enterprises the most important benefit of M2M solutions accrues from their enhanced means for analyzing large data volumes, and from the new products, target groups and business models that can be developed from their results.

M2M measurably adds value, meaning that the use of M2M solutions will generate major competitive advantages in the future.

Forward-Looking Device Management & New Business Models
Innovative enterprises need strong, individualistic, but most importantly competent partners capable of developing just the right solutions for them. exceet Secure Solutions supports you in automating your processes and developing new business models and services - all the way from the initial planning stages to global realization. To this end, we deliver parts components as required, support you in implementing your solution, or assume the complete responsibility for your holistic M2M project.


Our Services for Your M2M Solution:

Icon Benefits AnalysisClient-specific
benefit analysis

Icon ComplianceAdherence to all
compliance requirements

Icon Sensors & HardwareSensor technology & hardware
(standard or custom)

Icon M2M & IoT PlatformVendor-independent
IoT/M2M platform

Icon SoftwareCustom software

global connectivity

”Ende-zu-Ende-SicherheitEnd-to-end security
(client-specific PKI)

”Application-IntegrationApplication integration
(e.g. into industrial processes)

”DatenanalyseData analysis as a basis for
R&D and new business models

”Zugriffs-und-BerechtigungsmanagementSecure access and
authorization management 

Protection against Manipulation and Industrial Espionage − End-to-End Security
M2M with the added Plus of IT Security

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  • Configuration management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Preventive servicing
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Device management


exceet M2M Gateway Our exceet M2M Gateway can be customized to client needs and supports a wide range of standards.

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