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M2M Requirements

End-to-End Expertise for Successful M2M Solutions

We aspire to provide you with an M2M solution that rapidly and efficiently places you in the best possible market position. To this end, we supply components, advise and support you in independently realizing your project, or assume overall responsibility for your end-to-end solution.

Your benefit and the benefit of your end customers are our number one priority, because without measurable business success, the best technological approach is bound to fail.

Our Services in Implementing Your M2M Projects:

Icon Value EngineeringValue Engineering
Benefit analysis: Evaluation of
expectations and opportunities

Icon ComplianceCompliance
Specifications regarding data
security, certification, risk

Icon DeviceDevice
Manufacturing/procurement of
the M2M gateway, sensor
technology & end devices

Icon ConnectivityConnectivity
Multi-carrier or White Label
options, billing & accounting

Icon Application & IntegrationApplikation & Integration
Conceptualization & integration
into the existing infrastructure

Icon IT SecuritySecurity
Real end-to-end security
instead of VPN

Icon M2M & IoT PlatformM2M Platform
Validation, integration and
customization to the infrastructure

Icon Data AnalyticsData analytics
For R&D as well as development
of new business models

Are you looking for an M2M provider who supplies important components, offers comprehensive consulting and/or develops, organizes and implements the entire M2M solution? To be able to fulfill these needs, your provider must have a wealth of experience regarding hardware, software, connectivity and security. Please get in touch with us to arrange a personal M2M consulting session!


When selecting your M2M provider, be sure to consider the following criteria:

Icon GoalsClearly measurable benefits for
you and your end customers

Icon Know-howWell-established
industry know-how

Icon DevelopmentCompetence in hardware
development (incl. sensor technology)
Icon M2M GatewayFlexibility in manufacturing
and configuring the M2M gateway



Icon M2MSolution independent of the M2M platform, carrier and hardware selected
Icon Global Supply CapabilityGlobal supply capability for devices and connectivity

Icon ScalabilityScaling competence for global and high-volume M2M projects

Icon End-to-End SecuritySecurity competence for
end-to-end security (instead of VPN)

We would be pleased to devote all our competence to your M2M projects!

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