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Certification & Awards

High-Quality Solutions

Our strengths are long-standing professional competency and exemplary ambition, perseverance and teamwork. The results are outstanding: We have reaped a fair share of rewards for our performance and product innovations. For this we say Thank You!

Quality Seal “lT Security Made in Germany”

”IT-Security-made-in-Germany”All security solutions by exceet Secure Solutions are developed and stored in Germany subject to the strictest data protection requirements. exceet Secure Solutions unreservedly satisfied all requirements needed to meet the quality standard “IT Security Made in Germany”.

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Qualified Trust Service Provider for Electronic Timestamps Compliant with eIDAS

”Electronic Timestamps Compliant with eIDAS”On July 1, 2016, exceet Secure Solutions was the first German enterprise focusing on electronic timestamps that was certified by the Federal Network Agency as a trust service provider under the new European eIDAS regulation. This means our timestamps offer the highest legally recognized form of protection.

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Auditor Certification

”Wirtschaftsprüfer-Zertifizierung” Any enterprise planning to rely on a signature solution should, before selecting the signature software, ascertain that this solution meets statutory requirements.

For this reason exceet Secure Solutions contracted one of the leading global auditing agencies, PricewaterhouseCoopers, with auditing and certifying our proprietary signature solution with respect to accounting requirements.

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Manufacturer’s Declaration under the Signature Act

Qualified signatures and time stamps within the meaning of the German Signature Act (SigG) and Signature Ordinance (SigV) can be generated only by using the appropriate hardware and software. All enterprises wishing to avail themselves of signatures and time stamps to generate legally secure electronic data should therefore rely only on hard- and software that complies with all statutory provisions.

Our clients automatically receive a Manufacturer’s Declaration to the effect that our signature software meets statutory requirements.

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Products Featuring the SLM Basic Component: Verified and Confirmed under the Signature Act

With our Basic Component (SLMBC), we have created a comprehensive yet flexible solution enabling the use of qualified signatures and qualified time stamps in a wide range of business processes, e.g. for mass document capture, release procedures, archival processes, re-signing, etc., etc.

To be able to meet all legal requirements in running these processes, we have had our SLMBC confirmed in accordance with the Signature Act. All our products based on the SigG-confirmed component are thus likewise confirmed and can be used as legally compliant signature application components.

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