• About exceet Secure Solutions

    Innovative Security Solutions

Create Digital Trust - exceet Secure Solutions creates trust in a digital world. As a subsidiary of Utimaco GmbH, we secure the digital business models of our customers. The bundling of hardware and software creates holistic solutions that are perfectly coordinated and offer long-term investment protection.

Started in 2000 as a specialist in securing electronic business processes using qualified electronic signatures and time stamps, the company's focus today is on secure solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) and IT security business areas. The offer is supplemented by Secure IoT gateways with hardware-based encryption, hardware security modules (HSMS), PKl solutions as well as products and services for electronic signatures and time stamps, including trust center operation. Together, these form a multi-level security architecture.

Added Value

exceet Secure Solutions offers solutions that satisfy maximum demands in terms of quality, stability and, above all, security. The company therefore acts as an all-round solutions provider, or alternatively empowers its clients to implement their own solutions. As a subsidiary of an innovative technology group, the range of services also extends to intragroup production of required hardware.

Qualified Timestamps

On July 1, 2016, exceet Secure Solutions GmbH was accredited by the Federal Network Agency as qualified trust services provider under the new European elDAS Regulation. This means that timestamps by exceet Secure Solutions offer the strongest legally acknowledged protection for all electronic data and can also be used internationally for legally secure electronic processes.