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Here you will find press releases by exceet Secure Solutions GmbH and our sister companies within exceet Group.

Financial Results First Quarter 2019

• 3M 2019 Group Net Sales at EUR 11.9 million, plus 17.2% compared to prior year. Organic Growth Rate1) for 3M 2019: plus 14.3% (3M 2018: minus 0.8%). • 3M 2019 Group EBITDA1) at EUR 2.1 million (3M 2018: EUR 0.7 million), up 184.8% versus 3M 2018, reaching 17.9% of Net Sales. 3M Group Net Result at EUR 0.3 million (3M 2018: EUR nil) due to...

Financial Results Third Quarter 2018: Successful Realization of Asset Values

• On 31 October 2018, exceet completed the sale of its portfolio company AEMtec GmbH (Germany), containing the group’s micro- and optoelectronics activities. The purchase price amounted to EUR 86.0 million and was paid with the completion of the transaction. • 9M 2018 group Net Sales on a continued basis at EUR 31.1 million, minus 0.9% compared to...

Completion of the sale of AEMtec GmbH, Berlin

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• exceet Secure Solutions and NEXIONA enter technology partnership • Introduction of a highly secure egde gateway • Edge gateway includes MIIMETIQ EGDE IoT Platform from NEXIONA to ensure full data control for users.

Sale of AEMtec GmbH, Berlin

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Edge Computing – Stay secure with exceet connect BASE!

• new product by exceet Secure Solutions: exceet connect BASE • reduced complexity, enhanced security and scalability for edge infrastructures • docking capability for easy integration with legacy system landscapes

exceet at the Security of Things World Conference 2018 in Berlin

• single source for end2end security solutions • secure edge and fog computing

Sale of "exceet electronics" activities

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Financial Results 2017 (Annual Report) - Solid Electronics Portfolio

• Total Group sales at EUR 143.4 million (2016: EUR 135.3 million), Organic Growth1) excluding currency effect +6.6% compared to 2016 • EBITDA amounted to EUR 9.5 million (2016: EUR 8.1 million) and included EUR 1.7 million non-recurring costs for restructuring. The margin increased to 6.6% (+0.6 percentage points). • Impairment charges of EUR...

exceet to market industrial-use developer kit based on Raspberry Pi

• exceet Passepartout – a Developer Kit for design of industrial applications • customizable standard technology accelerates development cycles • industrial-use prototype development through to series manufacturing

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