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Edge Computing – Stay secure with exceet connect BASE!

• new product by exceet Secure Solutions: exceet connect BASE

• reduced complexity, enhanced security and scalability for edge infrastructures

• docking capability for easy integration with legacy system landscapes


Düsseldorf, July 14, 2018 – exceet Secure Solutions, provider of secure connectivity solutions for IoT infrastructures, has extended its portfolio to edge computing. exceet connect BASE is the solution for secure IIoT environments.

Coping with the data avalanche of the future means processing data right at the source. To address growing requirements like lower latencies, computing power must be decentralized and shifted from central cloud processing to the edge.

exceet connect BASE reduces complexity, enhances security and increases the scalability of edge infrastructures in commercial enterprises. Because connect BASE was created to serve the needs of IIoT environments in a wide range of industries, clients can concentrate fully on optimizing and developing their applications and processes instead of dealing with the underlying architecture.

Various API interfaces enable developers to integrate all standard IIoT platforms. This gives clients full control and flexibility for secure aggregation and evaluation of their data.

The operating system is protected by a multilayer security architecture. In addition to secure booting, an encrypted file system and high update frequency, docking capability – i.e. the use of containers – ensures rapid availability and integration with legacy system landscapes. In other words, exceet connect BASE is retrofit ready, meaning that legacy machinery can be connected easily as well. Containers supplement the traditional patching process, letting users react more quickly to problems and making new services available.

It should be noted that container management is not limited to individual devices. Docker swarming permits fog computing, in which a number of devices connected to the local web share their resources, enabling e.g. complex augmented reality processes.

 “Our exceet connect BASE solution lets businesses secure their IIoT landscapes on a modular, low-cost basis. It reduces system downtimes, promotes secure data acquisition for predictive maintenance of field devices and thereby reduces the rate of return on investment”, says Christian Schmitz, Managing Director of exceet Secure Solutions. “exceet connect Base is not just an investment in the security of your data. It also fulfills all the requirements of a modern IoT architecture, making it an investment in the future viability of your business”, adds Schmitz.

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