• exceet connect ENCRYPT

    The Maximum-Security Solution for Your Key Material

Keep your keys under control

The auditable service for encrypting data and cloud applications

As hybrid cloud infrastructures grow more popular, data protection and compliance requirements are becoming stricter than ever. exceet connect ENCRYPT ensures that you retain full control of your cloud data!

Shield your key material from unauthorized access – with the aid of multi-layer physical security, an end2end security policy and the use of hardware security modules. And across clouds, no less: Thanks to our exclusive collaboration with cloud and co-location provider Interxion, exceet connect ENCRYPT can be integrated directly with major cloud providers such as Azure, AWS or Google. 

By the way: The entire environment of exceet connect ENCRYPT is optimized for PCI-TSP (payment token service). This eliminates any problems with control over key material, key generation in accordance with the audited 4-eyes principle, as well as secure storage and rotation of master keys. 

exceet connect ENCRYPT lets you:
  • simplify complex processes,
  • reduce your operating costs, and
  • manage your data securely and flexibly.

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