• Hardware Security Modules

    exceet Secure Solutions - Your Independent HSM Expert

As an expert for IT security solutions, we provide not only HSM products but also the entire spectrum of HSM services, including custom software development. We are independent of HSM manufacturers and act as a single source for all professional services. This portfolio makes exceet Secure Solutions the only such provider in the German-speaking region of Europe.


Our HSM services at a glance:

Needs & Requirements Analysis
  • Support in defining requirements
  • Selection of a suitable HSM provider
  • Selection of suitable HSM products
  • Selection of suitable support services
  • HSM infrastructure design
  • Integration into operational processes
  • German- and English-speaking
  • Tech support
  • Replacement & repair services
  • Inventory management: Where desired, we inform clients on updates and the status of their support contracts
Custom Software Development
  • Software for execution on HSMs in high-security environments
    • Thales: Applications for SEEs (secure execution environments) or Codesafe
    • Utimaco: Applications as firmware modules
  • Software for execution on clients with outsourcing of cryptographic processes to HSMs
  • Installation & configuration of HSMs
  • Planning & development of complex HSM infrastructures
  • Integration of HSMs into IT environments
  • Integration of third-party software (PKCS #11, JCE, CNG, ...)
  • Definition of business processes (e.g. for initialization, backup, administration and key management)

SafeNet hardware security modules (HSMs) provide reliable protection for transactions, identities and applications by securely storing cryptographic keys and providing encryption, decryption, authentication and digital signing services.

Thales e-Security has been manufacturing security products for over 40 years. Due to our long-standing experience in e-health, exceet's focus in deploying Thales HSMs lies primarily in this field.

At its company HQ in Aachen, Utimaco's hardware security modules unit manufactures maximum-quality products for protection of highly sensitive data. Utimaco offers BSI-compliant end2end solutions and HSM technology "Made in Germany".