• exceet connect TRUST

    The Foundation of Digital Trust

Simple and secure connectivity.

Maintain maximum security standards in your devices and data management and rely on the exceet Gateway to build the foundation for trust-based digital business models.

  • Certificate-based authentication of field devices
  • Secure service operation at the ISO 27001-certified data center of eSS
  • Automated lifecycle management of device identities with full consideration of security requirements
Secure Element

The exceet Gateway relies on a Secure Element that stores cryptographical keys as securely as any bank vault. The initial key pairs used for device management are already generated during production at exceet’s secure premises and provided with an initial digital identity. The device can therefore be uniquely identified at any time – no matter where and when it joins the network.

Personalized Encryption

As soon as it goes online, your device is re-personalized as yours and can now be managed in various spheres of trust. With the aid of a microchip, all connections are hardware-encrypted – irrevocably so: Their keys cannot be accessed even by an attacker who gains physical control over the device.


Secure Boot and Firmware Updates

To safeguard data stored on your devices from unauthorized access at all times, the exceet Gateway relies on an encrypted file system. Secure booting and secure firmware updates are possible as well. Don’t worry about a complex infrastructure – with exceet connect TRUST, you know that your sensitive data always has the best possible protection.


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