• exceet connect IDENTIFY

    Cloud-Based Managed PKI



exceet connect IDENTIFY is a managed PKI solution for all those who refuse to compromise on certificate-based security while keeping costs and administrative effort to a minimum. Based on more than a decade of experience in mass management of digital certificates and our development of the trust anchor for the telematics infrastructure of Germany‚Äôs healthcare system, exceet Secure Solutions has created exceet connect, a multi-layer security architecture tailored to classic PKI applications. The solution is also an ideal way to safeguard new, highly sensitive IoT technologies.


exceet connect IDENTIFY is a cloud-based PKI service that lets your business generate, renew and block digital certificates that can be used for secure authentication of users, applications and devices.

Authenticating Application Users

A robust means of authenticating people who access sensitive information via a web-based application or an extranet portal.

Safeguarding IoT Devices

A strong identification tool is not only a major benefit for end users. IoT devices in particular must be uniquely and securely identifiable. exceet connect IDENTIFY lets you generate and manage digital certificates for devices. Integration with exceet connect TRUST enables a secure device lifecycle management system in which devices are already personalized during production.

Secure Mobile Device Management

Introduction of a mobile device management (MDM) solution for administration of mobile devices across your enterprise.

Secure Remote and Local Network Access

Install certificates on mobile devices and desktops to authenticate employees and partners within a wireless network or VPN.

Signatures on Electronic Documents

Protect electronic documents and verify their origin. 

Protection of Confidential Communication

Encrypt and sign your digital communication and protect confidential information from unauthorized access.


  • Reduced cost and complexity
  • Simplified administration and end user operation
  • Easier deployment and greater flexibility
  • Reduced cost and complexity

    The cloud-based approach of exceet connect drastically lowers the cost and complexity of a public key infrastructure because it eliminates the costs for installation, hardware, personnel, training and maintenance that would arise if one created a traditional, internal PKI. Using exceet connect IDENTIFY, businesses can adopt new security applications quickly, easily and without major investments.

  • Simplified administration and end user operation

    exceet connect IDENTIFY eliminates administrative tasks and automates the process of generating certificates and configuring applications which rely on these certificates. This enables time-critical security projects with fewer IT or end user interventions. Additionally, the registration and deployment of certificates on mobile devices is simplified by exceet connect IDENTIFY or integration into mobile device management solutions.

  • Easier deployment and greater flexibility

    exceet connect IDENTIFY provides a high degree of reactivity to changing business strategies and protects investments. Enterprises can drive several certificate-based applications via a single platform and adapt their use to their specific requirements. On-site components such as the exceet Gateway can also be used to provide certificates.