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Signatures & timestamps, validation, audit-proof archiving

exceet connect SIGN is our solution for legally secure digitization of your business processes.

From job certificates and recommendation letters to business protocols and employment contracts – in today’s world, all such documents must be available electronically. Scanning and email distribution are an option, but how to ensure authenticity? Our answer: exceet connect SIGN!

Our timestamp service is the first to be certified under the European Union’s new eIDAS Regulation. eIDAS creates a trans-European legal and technical framework with standardized security requirements and guaranteed cross-border legal acceptance of signatures


exceet connect SIGN saves you time and money and ensures that your digital business processes are legally secure.

We support you in integrating our trusted services into your legacy structures and leverage our expertise to give you the decisive competitive edge!


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Signatures & Timestamps



Qualified electronic signatures are an essential prerequisite of legally valid digital business processes. exceet connect SIGN offers automatic and transparent integration of signatures into your existing process landscape. Use cases include electronic workflow and release processes, incoming/outgoing electronic invoices, secure development and maintenance documentation in the pharmaceutical and aerospace field, as well as archiving of tax-relevant data on low-cost storage media. The product ensures compliance with Regulation (EU) 910/2014, the EU Invoice Directive and national provisions of the EU member states.

Signature & Timestamp Validation



Fully automated mass validation of qualified electronic signatures & timestamps of documents, invoices and all other electronically signed objects is an integral component of electronic business processes. Any recipient of electronically signed documents needs easy-to-operate tools to validate signatures & timestamps and thereby verify the authenticity of the data. In the case of electronically signed invoices, for example, any recipient entitled to deduct input tax is in fact legally required to conduct signature validations (GDPdU). In such cases, validation must be documented by way of an electronic report (validation protocol) and archived appropriately. 

Audit-Proof Archiving



To satisfy tax requirements (in Germany e.g. AO, HGB, GoBS), certain electronic data, e.g. electronic invoices, must be archived in an audit-proof manner. The exceet connect SIGN archive is your repository for fully automated and audit-proof storage. For retrieval of archived data, exceet connect SIGN provides technical interfaces as well as a comfortable web interface. If desired, data which does not require audit-proof storage, e.g. important drafts and working documents, can be saved to a separate secure memory segment within the exceet connect SIGN archive. This lets you store all your business-relevant data securely and at low cost.


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